• GoFundMe: Yamaraja Prabhu’s Cancer Treatment

    **To donate, please visit the GoFundMe page here.** The backbone of ISKCON is the unsung heroes, those devotees who dedicate their lives to Krishna’s service with no recognition or material gain in return. And now one of those heroes desperately needs your help. Yamaraja Dasa joined ISKCON in 1971 and took initiation from Srila Prabhupada. […]

  • ISKCON Youth Spend Their Holidays Helping Puerto Rico Temple

    Clearing tree debris Three months after the category 4 Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico on September 20th, the U.S. territory’s infrastructure is still far from recovered. Only 20 per cent of traffic lights are powered; forty per cent of Puerto Ricans, especially in the countryside, are still without electricity, and many have barely any running […]

  • Fortunate People Project Films 10,000 People Chanting Globally

    Fortunate People, a project started in the UK by Russian devotee Shaktyavesha Avatar Das, began in 2016 as an offering to Srila Prabhupada for ISKCON’s 50thAnniversary. Participating devotees distribute books and then film the recipients chanting the Hare Krishna maha-mantra for the first time. During the recent Prabhupada Marathon of December 2017, the project reached […]

  • Monthly Sankirtan Festival

    Schedule: 10:15 AM – Meet in the temple room (kirtan) 10:20 AM – Group Bhagavad Gita reading 10:40 AM – Inspirational talk by a sankirtan warrior 10:50 AM – Team formation and departure for Sankirtan in Gainesville 2:00 PM – Picnic lunch prasadam at Park Ave Apartment clubhouse, Gainesville. Sharing of sankirtan realisations REGISTRATION IS […]

  • Baltimore Devotees Spend Holiday Season Giving Books to Hospital Patients

    Devotees gift a happy chaplain a copy of Srila Prabhupada’s one-volume biography ISKCON Baltimore’s Jiva Daya Sankirtana Team has been distributing Srila Prabhupada’s books in many creative ways over the years, including placing them in prison libraries and motels. This year so far, for instance, they have put 500 books in prisons, and 13,000 Bhagavad-gitas […]

  • Sankirtan Seminar with Vaisesika Prabhu

    Fri. Dec 1 6p-8.30p “Goodwill Ambassador” 8.30p Light Prasadam Sat. Dec 2 8-10a “How to distribute a Gita on its own merit” 10-11a Breakfast 11a-2.30p Sankirtan outing w/Vaisesika prabhu 3-4.30p lunch and sharing of sankirtan experiences 6.30-8.30p Gaura arati and bhajans w/Vaisesika prabhu 8.30p Light Prasadam Sunday Dec 3 8-10a How to organise a “Monthly […]

  • Our Other Family Business: TOVP

    From left to right: Amrita, Hrishi, Ambarish, Svaha and Anisha. Vaisesika Prabhu has written about book distribution in “Our Family Business.” Closely connected to it, or inseparable from it, is the manifestation of the TOVP as funds from book distribution around the world directly contribute to the TOVP every year. These two heartfelt desires of […]

  • ISKCON Hosts Interfaith Day of Prayer for Harvey Victims

    Some of the participants of the Houston interfaith prayers.  In the wake of Hurricane Harvey’s unprecedented flooding and devastation, Texas Governor Greg Abbott proclaimed Sunday, Sept 3rd as a Day of Prayer in Texas—which happened to coincide with the birth anniversary of Bhaktivinoda Thakur, a 19th century Vaishnava Hindu saint and theologian who envisioned people […]

  • ISKCON’s mega kitchens on National Geographic Channel

      From Description: India’s mega kitchens on Nat Geo channel. In the show, celebrity chef Vikas Khanna introduces some of India’s mega kitchens. Today’s episode features ISKCON Yatra Kitchen. During the auspicious Kartik Maas according to the Hindu calendar, thousands of devotees visit the holy Vrindavan. Iskcon yatra team starts planning for the yatra months […]

  • TOVP Launches “FullDome Mayapur” Project

    The devotees from the TOVP team are developing a project called FullDome. This project will be located on a small piece of land near Srila Prabhupada’s Samadhi. Operation FullDome is a way to give any visiting guest to Sri Dham Mayapur an opportunity to experience the most unique immersive spiritual experience in a spiritual town. […]

  • Demystifying Reincarnation – Chaitanya Charan’s Latest Book

    The book’s cover Demystifying Reincarnation is an engaging read that analyzes how one of humanity’s oldest questions – what happens after death? – is most coherently and empoweringly answered through reincarnation. The book has three major sections: scientific, inter-religious and metaphysical. The first section makes the scientific case for reincarnation using evidence and theory: evidence drawn […]