Food Distribution

Annadhan is the distribution of spiritually sanctified food, prasad, to people in general and to people in need. Because it is food which is offered first to Lord Krishna, it is considered spiritual and sacred, and grants more benefit than simply satisfying one’s hunger.

This important charity is recommended in the Vedas for people at any time of life. It purifies the individual of reactions to sinful activities that were knowingly or unknowingly performed, and grants eternal benefits.

“One should offer prasad to the demigods, the saintly persons, one’s forefathers, people in general, one’s family members, one’s relatives and one’s friends, seeing them all as devotees of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.” Bhagavata Purana 7.15.6

Sunday Feast Sponsorship

Each Sunday, we serve 500-750 plates of free vegetarian meals to our members and visitors. We often have generous donors sponsoring the Sunday meal in honor of a family member’s birthday, a milestone like a graduation or wedding, or any other occasion. If you would like to sponsor the Sunday feast, this would be a wonderful way to serve many people.

Sponsorship Level
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Lunch Prasad Sponsorship

Daily lunch prasad is for the temple residents and volunteers who do many hours of service to the temple.

Festival Prasad Sponsorship

On special festival days like Janmastami and Radhastami, our attendees swell to thousands. We provide free vegetarian prasad for up to 1500 attendees. We rely on generous donors to fund these large festival feasts.

Krishna Lunch at Santa Fe College Sponsorship

Krishna Lunch at Santa Fe College is an affordable meal program we have served at Santa Fe College since 2009. Donations towards this program can help reduce costs for the students relying on these meals.

“Krishna Lunch food makes my day!” 
—Karuna K.

Krishna Lunch @ SFC Facebook page

If you would like to donate via Venmo, click HERE. If you would like to send a check, please contact the Temple office for more information at 386-462-2017.

ISKCON of Alachua is a registered non-profit and donations are tax deductible. Our tax exempt number is 59-2710464.