“Krishna Institute” Launch in New Raman Reti

Saturday, May 21, 2016

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The Krishna Institute (KI) launches its service to the Vaishnava Community on Saturday, May 21, 2016, at ISKCON of Alachua with His Holiness Sacinandana Swami and Madhava das facilitating the two-day (Saturday and Sunday) interactive Dharma Workshop: Discover Your Mission in Life.” Recognizing the significant contribution the KI will make to Srila Prabhupada’s mission in the U.S., the International Coordinating Committee for ISKCON’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations has scheduled KI’s inauguration as a National Event.
Madhava das
Offered in a newly developed retreat facility surrounded by nature’s beauty in a secluded area of the Temple property, the Dharma Workshop will benefit attendees of all ages regardless of how many years they have been ISKCON members. Even a senior devotee can “get a new lease on life” or a renewed and revitalized outlook, as well as potentially discover a deeply satisfying “second career (service to Krishna)” by participating in this workshop and accessing the wealth of knowledge and realization coming in our Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition. This workshop is the ripened fruit of His Holiness Sacinandana Swami’s fourteen years of research into the best way to discover one’s mission in life.
Bada Haridas das
After the Dharma Workshop the KI will offer many other workshops, along with retreats, seminars, and courses that will systematically equip each participant with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to fulfill their unique mission.
  • Monday, May 23, 2016, Madhava das and Radhika devi dasi will offer The Qualities and Mood of a Kirtaniya: Realizations from Five Years of Kirtan with Aindra Prabhu”
  • Tuesday – Thursday, May 24 to 26, 2016His Holiness Sacinandana Swami and Madhava das will lead The Holy Name Retreat.” Both events will offer deeply satisfying experiences, and they are included in “Kirtan – From Your Heart to the World.”
  • Monday, May 23 to Monday, June 27, 2016“Kirtan – From Your Heart to the World, a five-week traveling kirtan experience that will go from Alachua via the Youth Ministry bus to the Sadhu Sanga Retreat, New York Ratha-yatra, and New Vrindavan’s Kulimela and 24-hour Kirtan.
Based upon the association and facilitation of devotees such as Amala Harinama das, Bada Haridas das, His Holiness BB Govinda Swami, His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami, Gaura vani das, His Holiness Giriraja Swami, His Holiness Indradyumna Swami, Madhava das, Manorama das, Nadia Mani devi dasi, His Holiness Radhanatha Swami, His Holiness Sacinandana Swami, and His Grace Vaisesika das, Kirtan – From Your Heart to the World will inspire chanting from the heart and provide the skills and mood to share the pure name with the world. MORE.
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