Temple Ombudsman

The Ombudsperson is a devotee in the community who has been trained to field complaints, grievances, concerns, problems, disputes, or conflicts between devotees, or devotees and temple staff/management as a neutral facilitator.  All information shared with the ombudsperson remains strictly confidential.  

The Ombudsperson CAN:

  • Listen to your complaints, concerns, problems and disputes.
  • Help you explore options and find solutions.
  • Provide referrals (mediation, etc.) and facilitate communication.
  • Identify relevant policies and procedures.
  • Help with bureaucracy and gather facts.
  • Recommend changes to the Temple’s policies and procedures.
  • Report trends back to the Temple Board and management to help them make better decisions

The Ombudsperson CANNOT:

  • Represent you or advocate for you.
  • Get involved in legal issues or formal complaints.

The Ombudsperson reserves the right to deny any case considered inappropriate.

The Mediation Board can provide a facilitated conversation between devotees in dispute. When adversaries are angry and cannot negotiate, a neutral third party can help empower devotees to solve their own conflicts. All mediations are confidential.

The Mediation Board CAN:

  • Assist a conversation between devotees (or between devotees and temple management/staff) in dispute.
  • Provide a good way for devotees to be empowered in order to compromise and work out differences.
  • Assist devotees to make their own decisions and help devotees heal damaged relationships.
  • Save time since agreements can be worked out in hours or days rather than months or years.

The Mediation Board CANNOT:

  • Be constituted as a trial.
  • Allow manipulation or coercion on the parts of the parties.

    How to access these services:

    • Ombudsperson― Call temple office at (386) 462-2017.
    • Mediation Board―contact one of the Ombudspersons above and talk to them about the possibility of bringing your dispute to the Mediation Board.