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Sponsor Ghee Lamps During Kartik

During the Kartik month, we worship Lord Krishna with ghee lamps/candles. Offering a lamp in this special month is an opportunity to connect with and meditate upon the Lord and bring us closer to Him.

Sponsor Ghee Lamps during Kartik

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Arati (Puja)

Sponsor any of the six daily aratis. The pujari (priest) will announce your name in prayer before beginning the offering.

Requested donation: $108

4:30 am – Mangala arati
7:20 am – Darshan arati
12:00 pm – Raja bhoga arati
4:15 pm – Dhupa arati
6:30 pm – Sandhya arati
8:50 pm – Sayana arati

Morning Milk Sweets

Sponsor Krishna’s first meal of the day: fresh homemade burfi, sandesh and rasagullas. We will package them up and have them ready for pick up, or they can be distributed to the devotees in your name.

Please call Sakshi Gopal Dasa directly at 352-222-1440 or the temple office 386-462-2017 to confirm a specific date.

Requested donation: $51

Sponsorship not available from June 1 through August  26.

Srila Prabhupada's Daily Flower Petals

Each day during guru puja at 7:30 am, we honor our founder Srila Prabhupada by offering flower petals to him.

Sponsor Srila Prabhupada's Daily Flower Petals

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