Sponsor Cow Protection

Adopt One of Krishna’s Cows

It costs approximately $20,000 for us to purchase a new cow and take care of her for the next 20 years. Most people cannot afford to buy a “new cow,” but you might be able to adopt her. Your donation will go into a savings account for your cow, or you might choose to commit to a monthly payment towards her care. Hay, grains, veterinarian fees, milking equipment, keeping up her Goshala, even treats; these are just some of the things your donation will go for.


Sponsorship Options

Become a Cow Guardian

with a regular monthly donation

Cow Guardians make a monthly contribution to our Cow Protection Florida program, and every penny donated is used for the benefit of the cows. $101 is roughly the cost of feeding and caring for one cow per month (our cows have cowherds, whose lives are dedicated cent percent to the loving care of our animals, and they have to be taken care of also). No amount is too small (or too big!) Every donation counts!


Monthly Donation Options

Keep Cow Protection Florida Alive and Well

with a regular monthly donation

We have built a nice new Goshala barn for our cows and bulls. Here our cows are milked and can get away from the elements.  It is specially designed so that classes of school children can look in and see cow care in action, and we can offer classes in preparing milk products.

Your donations will help us maintain the program, and maintenance is always crucial.

Monthly Donation Options

If you would like to donate via Venmo, click HERE. If you would like to send a check, please contact the Temple office for more information at 386-462-2017.

ISKCON of Alachua is a registered non-profit and donations are tax deductible. Our tax exempt number is 59-2710464.