Update from the Krishna Institute

Sacinandana Swami will not be coming to Alachua for the seminars advertised by the Krishna Institute because he was not able to get his visa in time. Processing of the visa was slowed down because he recently traveled to Iran for a preaching mission, which causes concern for U.S. immigration officials.

We shall see this as the plan of the Lord!

After collaborating with Sacinandana Swami and Madhava Prabhu, we’ve decided to offer a powerful Kirtan Retreat (May 21 – 25 open to all) with some of ISKCON’s best kirtaniyas leading us in taking deep shelter of the holy name.  In this way we will inaugurate the Krishna Institute in the most auspicious way possible.
During the Retreat, advanced senior devotees (including Sacinandana Swami via video conferencing) and younger generation devotees will share their knowledge and realizations on chanting the Holy Name.
Please come and be uplifted by the sanga of Vaisnavas and a powerful immersion in the nectar of the Holy Name.

For further information, please visit the Krishna Institute website at https://krishnainstitute.org/.

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